Unless you are using stardust and unicorn blood 99% of Love Khaos garments cannot be cleaned, so be gentle and treat them like the irreplaceable pieces that they are!

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Sequin hoods and Lycra Leggings can be hand washed in cold water with gentle care detergents meant for wool and silk (like Woolite).

Sequin Tail Coats must be dry cleaned.

To remove playa dust and dirt from feather tops and skirts I recommend pressurized air (like you use to fill tires) use it CAREFULLY in small short bursts going with the length of the feather (from top to bottom). This works well for fur as well.

For leather bits (not with Spikes, studs or post apocalyptic type pieces that are designed to look destressed) a gentle leather balm or conditioner will restore the vitality of your piece.