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Ethically Produced Street and Festival Wear for Men, Women, and the Gender Neutral

About the Brand

Love Khaos [Khaos pronounced “Chaos”] is a free spirited, fun focused brand established in London and now based in San Francisco independently designed and created by Lauryn Strobel.

We don’t participate in “Fast Fashion”, and consequently have adopted a unique approach to style as much as we have to production. We believe fashion should be individual, expressive, made with the highest quality materials, and tailored to perfection. Our garments are designed for timelessness and constructed for quality to ensure your signature Love Khaos piece is something you wear for decades. We know you live, work, and party hard so we make garments that can keep up with you. Our pieces last from dusk 'til dawn every day and night you go out and dance for your life.

Wearing a piece by Love Khaos is wearing a piece of art, uniquely crafted with love, creativity and excitement to suit your wildest fashion fantasies.

Love Khaos: Love What You Love Without Hesitation.

Love Khaos Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion

We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure.

When I first started out I made everything myself. It was overwhelming to say the least. After nearly a year I saw that my current path was unsustainable, it was impossible to keep up with demand. I had no choice but to outsource manufacturing but I refused to have anything to do with sweatshops and child slave labor. In the process of choosing where to “set up shop” I realized I could make a serious difference both environmentally and socially. By paying fair wages and producing clothing ethically I could do my part for global sustainability. I knew my customers want to be fairy compensated for the work they do so I knew they would appreciate that the people who made their clothes were compensated properly as well.

Lets make the world a better place together.

We live in a time where our awareness is stronger than ever before. Globalization and connectivity have not only brought us together but have also afforded us the gift of information. With knowledge we have the ability to choose. We can choose to make conscious decisions about how and where our clothes are made, about which brands we buy from, and about how we treat the planet and the people living on it. By supporting ethical brands like, Love Khaos, our choices can truly have a tangible positive effect on people.